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I haven’t been writing a lot. There are a lot of changes going on in my life, including I’m no longer on the anti-depressent I was on for ten years so that makes all the changes even hard to handle. But I did want to try to muster up some energy and present this project to you.

Campus Creeps

We’ve seen the disgusting “trend” of rapes and sexual assaults going viral. The survivors of such incidents, mostly minors, do not deserve what happened to them. Not just from the assault, but then to have it blasted over the internet. 

We’ve seen the “trend” of campus rapes. Something that isn’t new but thankfully is finally getting some attention. But yet again, sadly, a lot of the attention is because the administration and law enforcement are not providing the survivors with the closure, support and courses of action they should.

If anyone should be publicly shamed, it is those who commit the horrible crimes of sexual assault and rape. But most importantly, once they have committed such acts, instead of spreading the name of the survivor via online humiliation or because they have to leave the school to fee safe, etc, the name of the perpetrator is the name that should be spread so that other people do not fall into the same trap. So the perpetrator cannot claim another unknowing victim.

Since so many of these crimes on campuses go unreported because of stigma, fear of personal safety, and the model of how college administrations have dealt with reported assault in the pass, these perpetrators can continue on to their next unknowing victim. 

Campus Creeps hopes to be a safe place where people can anonymously  let others on their campus know which individuals to be wary of. Yes, there are a lot of questions involved in whether this is the right course of action but something must be done and I feel the risks do not overshadow the end goal. For more in-depth discussion, read the About page on the website.