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1. This Painting


“Portrait of Ms Ruby May, Standing” by Leena McCall was recently from the Society of Women Artists Gallery for being too “pornographic” and “disgusting” because you can see a little bit of pube hair I guess…anyone care to count how many naked women male artists have created?More Here

2. This Shirt

This shirt is part of an unofficial Planned Parenthood fundraiser
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3.These Espresso Mugs

I don’t drink espresso plain, actually I haven’t had coffee for a few months now. But these cups from Pier One are enough to make me start. They are so cute! Hard to see the size in this pic but those are coffee mugs behind them…
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4. This Clock

How gorgeous is that? I move in a little over a month and I’m all over this… Its from the Etsy seller justlikedream.

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5. This David Bowie Shirt


From C.Kero, titled “Spaceman”

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