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  • 1. I never felt pressured to be athletic
  • 2. If I choose to drop out of the workforce to raise children it’s less stigmatized.
  • 3. I don’t smell as bad.
  • 4. I have more hair options
  • 5. I have more clothing options.
  • 6. I can cry
  • 7. When I don’t want to do physical labor I can blame my gender
  • 8. I have tons more role models in Disney films.
  • 9. I don’t have to stress about when I’m getting married, I’m just waiting for him to ask.
  • 10. I can be as tall as I please thanks to high heels.
  • 11. My moves are always smooth with my shaved legs
  • 12. If I succeed and make it to the top of my industry/profession I will be special and unique.
  • 13. I don’t have to worry about looking in the mirror or worrying how I look, there is always a stranger on the street willing to tell me.
  • 14. I don’t have to read labels. If it’s pink or has flowers, its for me.
  • 15. I don’t have to worry about studying for math and science tests because I can’t do well in those fields anyway.
  • 16. I don’t have to wrack my brain if I don’t want to, I can let men make all the choices for me. Even the ones about me and my body. I can’t be bothered with my insides, I have to make my outsides pretty.
  • 17. I can go to the bathroom in private, even in public restrooms.
  • 18. We always get to eat what I like for dinner because I’m the one cooking.
  • 19. If I don’t like my last name, no worries! I can just marry someone and get a new one!
  • 20. And…ANYTHING, ANYTHING can be blamed on PMS.